Jesse and Sarah

What a beautiful day at the end of August. Sunshine, warm temperatures and a family that was ready … View Event

Chris and Claire

Here comes another amazing summer day! The thing about weddings that I love is that even if you … View Event

Emily and Joel

June in Colorado is just about impossible to beat. I marvel at the abundance of gorgeous days of … View Event

Hannah and Craig

I just love getting to work with brides or grooms that I have known over the years. Hannah is one of … View Event

Bonnie and Jake

Audrey Hepburn was the inspiration for Bonnie and Jake's wedding, and it was truly fun. This final … View Event

Phoebe and Travis

Crystal clear skies and the perfect July day for a wedding. Phoebe and Travis tied the knot in a … View Event

Katie and Nate

Congratulations to Nate and Katie! This was my favorite Spring wedding. I love springtime for a … View Event

Leann and Grant

It is especially fun for me to meet the bride and then realize that I know her! What a delight to … View Event

Winter beauty…

Working with this couple was a delight. They could barely contain their excitement and eagerness to … View Event

A Catch to Remember!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Baggett. Sadly I didn't get to know the couple better … View Event