Leann and Grant

It is especially fun for me to meet the bride and then realize that I know her! What a delight to work with Leanne and Grant. I love my job because I get the opportunity to work with people that are pleasant and excited. These two were no exception. Easy to be with and always smiling! We had a beautiful summer day (not hard to have those in Colorado) and everything went wonderfully. Leann and Grant had an 11 am ceremony, which meant they had the whole day ahead of them. What is so great about a morning or mid-day ceremony is that you have plenty of time to celebrate. The bride’s family took full advantage of that! They invited any guests that weren’t quite done celebrating at 3 pm, when their time at the venue concluded, to head on over to their house. So after a lovely early dinner, cake and dancing, the day continued until the fire pit embers faded into the night. By then the new couple had ridden off into the sunset, and so began married life for the new Mr. and Mrs. Grant Nelson. Congratulations! Thank you Dynamic Range Photography!