Katie and Nate

Congratulations to Nate and Katie! This was my favorite Spring wedding. I love springtime for a million reasons, and now I have another one. Springtime speaks fresh, new and vibrant, and it just so happens, so was this couple. The flowers were vibrant, the food delicious, the cake beautiful and the room full of fun and love. It turned out that Nate’s family has had quite a history in the coffee roasting department, and so it was a natural thing to have a coffee bar. This wasn’t your everyday coffee bar, but fresh brewed, fresh roasted coffee, brewed cup by cup just for me and everyone else. They asked me if they thought this could be a hit at other weddings, and considering how many people came up- and up- for a cup, my answer would be “yes!”. One more fun and creative thing in the world of weddings, where ultimately all couples are wed, but each wedding is unique, and I love that about my job. Thank you Brian Kwan Photography.