Hannah and Craig

I just love getting to work with brides or grooms that I have known over the years. Hannah is one of those. I remember seeing her as a young girl, and this day, she was a happy and beautiful bride.

The love and connection between Hannah and Craig was vibrant, and so was the rest of the day.

Transforming a private ranch into an event venue is quite a task. The Nordby family, masterminded by mom, Trish, and Hannah were in full form.
Details, details, details are critical with a day like this, and I don’t think we missed any.

The July afternoon thunderstorm delayed things a bit, but it in no way put a “damper” on the day.

Hannah and Craig were surrounded by friends and family on this perfect foot stomping, eye drying, laughter filled July night, and the rest is history.

Thanks to a great team of vendors: KJ and Rob Photography, Lighting and Design by Scott and Orchid Princess Floral in particular.