Colton and Danae Wedding

Prince Charming and his princess!  What a gorgeous day in January for a wedding.  Snow the week before, but sunshine only for this couple.  I really thought Cinderella was getting married to her prince, though their real names are Danae and Colton.  I was particularly honored to be a part of their wedding day, as our groom was seriously injured in Afghanistan only last year.  For the little I know, there was never a doubt that they would be together.   Danae’s mother shared a story at the reception that the Lord told her that Danae and Colton would dance at their wedding.  Well they did dance at their wedding, and considerably longer than one dance!  What a privilege to do what I do, and what an amazing thing to hear stories like this one.  I am grateful for all that our servicemen and women do.  For so many of us, the cost is so far away, an intangible that we don’t fully understand.  Not so for Colton and Danae.  Thank you Colton, and thank you, Danae, for standing with your prince.  May your marriage be richly blessed.   My life is blessed because of you.

Photography by Justin and Amie at