Chris and Claire

Here comes another amazing summer day! The thing about weddings that I love is that even if you have a lot of common denominators, with weddings, no two are the same. We may have the same month, same state, same family (two sisters, see previous posts to find her), and a ranch, but each wedding is filled with all of the uniqueness of the bride and groom for that day. That’s what makes each wedding completely different from any before, that’s why I love my job. This day was no exception. The vista of the ceremony site, and the warmth from a venue resembling a rambling country home were delightful. The masterminded decor of the family with blues and pale pink were perfect. Breezy and warm, a great day to gather and celebrate, and celebrate they did. Congratulations Chris and Claire! Thank you to Allison Easterling Photography for her fantastic work and the memories those photos make for all of us.