Hannah and Craig

I just love getting to work with brides or grooms that I have known over the years. Hannah is one of those. I remember seeing her as a young girl, and this day, she was a happy and beautiful … [Read more...]

Bonnie and Jake

Audrey Hepburn was the inspiration for Bonnie and Jake's wedding, and it was truly fun. This final Saturday evening in August was delightful in Manitou Springs. We had a gorgeous sunset, with Pikes … [Read more...]

Phoebe and Travis

Crystal clear skies and the perfect July day for a wedding. Phoebe and Travis tied the knot in a beautiful meadow, complete with an awesome barn, compliments of some special family friends. Little … [Read more...]

Katie and Nate

Congratulations to Nate and Katie! This was my favorite Spring wedding. I love springtime for a million reasons, and now I have another one. Springtime speaks fresh, new and vibrant, and it just so … [Read more...]

Leann and Grant

It is especially fun for me to meet the bride and then realize that I know her! What a delight to work with Leanne and Grant. I love my job because I get the opportunity to work with people that are … [Read more...]

Winter beauty…

Working with this couple was a delight. They could barely contain their excitement and eagerness to get this thing done. Family and friends from all over the country came to celebrate with them as … [Read more...]

A Catch to Remember!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Baggett. Sadly I didn't get to know the couple better because it turned out that they were pretty special. What I noticed about them in particular was that … [Read more...]

A little cold weather…so what!

No amount of cold weather was going to dampen this celebration! The temperature dropped, but instead of spoiling the day, it heightened everything. The colors were vibrant and deep, the atmosphere … [Read more...]

Juli and Jeremy

A beautiful July day, and an unexpected rain, but not at all a damper on a special couple and all of their friends and family that came to celebrate. Juli was glowing, and Jeremy beaming, as they … [Read more...]

A little bit of country…

Late summer and some outdoor couples that wanted to bring their style to the wedding.  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. times two! My favorite weddings aren't necessarily fancy, but rather … [Read more...]